Yes, we offer a 10% rebate to educational institutions, sporting clubs and not for profit/community organisations. We recognise the challenges faced by these groups and the great work that they do, which is why we like to help out where we can.

Once approved we offer a rebate of 10% on the total credit card booking fees (including AMEX) for the event. You can still choose whether or not you add the booking fee to the ticket price, or include it in the cost.

So for example, if you sell 50 of your $50 tickets and your total booking fees amount to $175 – we will refund $17.50 of those fees.

For more details on how to apply just click on the relevant link below:

Educational Institutions

Sporting Clubs

Not For Profit/Community Organisations

If you have any questions about this or anything else, please don't hesitate to contact us and we'd be more than happy to help.