If you have been approved for any of our rebate programs (except for One-off rebates), the rebate amount will be sent to your nominated bank account along with your ticket sales (in two separate transactions) once you mark your event as "Completed'. On the summary page of your event there will be a highlighted amount which you will be able to claim.

Once paid, these payments will then show in your event Transactions section of the event (Summary tab) 

All paid ticket sales and rebate will also be listed in the Transactions tab of your account 


For One-off Rebate claims:

  • Using your letterhead, send an invoice for the amount being claimed to accounts@stickytickets.com.au (address it to Sticky Tickets Pty Ltd)
  • Please ensure that you provide your banking details on the invoice
  • Allow 48-72hrs for the rebate to appear in your nominated bank account.

If we can provide any further assistance regarding claiming your rebate or anything else, please don't hesitate to contact us any time.

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