Firstly, download our FREE check-in app from the Apple iTunes store or Google Play store. 

IMPORTANT: When downloading the Check-In application for the first time you must allow the application all permissions (notably access to your device's Camera). If you do not, the Check-In application will not work. The application will use your device's camera to scan tickets and QR codes. 

Your device will also need to have a minimum of 50mb of free memory.

If you have already installed the application and have Not allowed camera permissions Click here to view a support page on how to allow camera permissions on your iOS deviceThe Check In application requires camera permissions to be able to scan tickets.

When you have successfully installed the app, log in to the Sticky Tickets website and select the event you would like to use the check-in app for.

Click on the Check-in Attendees link 

Select the Operators tab link then Add Operator button

Enter the Operator's Name

You have 2 options, you can either scan the QR code if you have the device that you are using to scan tickets with you...

Or send the instructions and link to your email address

Alternatively, you can Send the operator an email with instructions on how to download and use the app.

EMAIL ACCESS STEPS - Follow these steps if you have been sent an email with instructions on how to access the event.

Before following the procedure below please ensure that you have already installed the app on your device. You can do so by clicking on the following link from your device (iOS) and (Android)

- Open the email on the device that you will use to check-in attendees on the day of your event.

- Click on the link within the email.

- Your device will ask you how you would like to complete this action and you can select any internet browser.

- This will direct you to an internet page with the following options GET APP or LAUNCH APP AND ACCESS EVENT.

- Click on LAUNCH APP AND ACCESS EVENT (remember you will need to have the app installed).

- This will open the app and load your event.

Please note: The link in the email that gives you access to the event can only be used once- this is to prevent uninvited users from accessing the event.


Advanced Features  

Block Operator - This means that the operator has been set up but has no access to the event and will not be able to check-in attendees.

Allow Operator - This means that the operator can access the event and is ready to check-in attendees.

Switch To – Use this feature if you want to let an operator check-in attendees directly from the web browser. For more details, refer to the Check-In Attendees support pages.

Global Operators Feature- This feature will allow the account holder to add/remove Check-in Operators to ALL or SELECTED events. For more information, please click here. 


You can set-up operator settings on the app:

- Vibrate - Your device will vibrate every time you perform a scan.

- Sound - Your device will beep every time you perform a scan. 

Select the back button (top left of screen) to view the Current Events list.

On the event day - Check-in attendees and other functions.

If you have not been given access to the event, please contact the event organiser requesting them to give you access or to set up an operator click here

Open up the app on your device. 

Select See Current Events

Select the event you would like to check-in guests to (note: larger events will take longer to download the event information).

Summary Screen 

The Summary screen shows how many tickets are checked-in versus how many tickets are unchecked. It also lists the different ticket types and the breakup of checked-in versus unchecked. 

At this point you can either scan tickets using the Scan screen or search/mark attendees off manually from the Guest List page or process sales on the Sales screen.

Scan screen 

Point the device camera at the QR code or barcode (you can also scan off mobile devices).

You will either receive one of the following responses:

Invalid Code (three beeps) - The code you just scanned does not apply to this event 

Success (one long beep) - The scan has been successful and the guest has been checked in TIP: If the guest you just checked in is with other guests that have tickets belonging to the same order, you can tap on the Order Details button to easily check in the remaining guests without the need to scan their tickets.

Already Checked In (three beeps) - This ticket has already been scanned 


If the code you are scanning is from a receipt or email and the purchase has multiple ticket sales, the next screen you will see is the order page. On this page you will have the option to easily mark off any other guests that are on the order (without the need to scan their tickets). If all guests are present that are on the order you can tap on Check in All. If the sale only has the 1 ticket then it will automatically check in the ticket.

Guest List Screen

You can search for attendees or mark off attendees

Search You can search for tickets either by purchaser/ticket holder name (first or last name), email address, or by scrolling through the list (you can use the alphabet at the top of the screen to refine your search)

Marking Off Attendees When you have found the order/sale, simply tap on the attendee. If it has several tickets to the order a new screen will appear listing all the tickets attached to the order- you can either mark off individually or select Check in All

App Guest list screen

Sales Screen

Take cash, credit card or no charge sales directly in the app, entering manually.

When processing a payment and an email address is entered, this is the email we will use to send the purchaser a copy of the receipt. If a mobile number is entered, we will send the purchaser an SMS (text message) with a link to a copy of the receipt.


To select which tickets you would like to be displayed on the app, go to your individual ticket settings page in your event admin area. You can also select to display certain ticket types on the app only. You can do this on the ticket settings page in your event admin area (use the 'discount code required' setting - this will hide the ticket online but make it available on the app). This feature is useful if the cost of a ticket is more at the door.

Once you have successfully processed a payment you will have the option to Check-in Order  or process a New Sale

Offline Mode

The app has been optimised to work when there is no mobile reception on the assumption that you have already added an operator and downloaded the tickets for your event whilst there was mobile or internet connection.

The app will record and store any checked-in tickets and when the device is in mobile range, automatically sync all data to the event database and all other check in devices. 

offline mode notice bar

Offline mode App

Successfully synced notice bar 

Sync successful App

Using your device's Flash

If your device has a flash and you are not in a well lit place, you can turn on the flash for extra light from the scan screen by selecting the flash icon in the top left corner. (Note this will consume your battery charge faster, so either have the device plugged into a wall socket or have a replacement battery available) 


Operator settings/ Add operator

To change the settings for an operator or to add a new operator to the device follow these steps:

Select the Summary tab 

Use the back button (top left of screen)

You should now be on the Current Events page

Select the cog icon (top right)

If you would like to change the operator settings you can do so on this screen - once complete use the back button (top left) to go back to the  Current Event page.

To add an operator select the + icon

Scan the QR code for the operator you would like to add- for more details follow the steps at the top of this page.

Once an operator has been added you can change the settings or select the back button (top left of screen) to return to the Current Events list.

If you have any questions about the check-in app or anything else, please don't hesitate to contact us any time and we'd be more than happy to help.