This function enables you to manage the entry points of your event and to either scan in your tickets using a basic barcode scanner, or manually tick off each ticket as each person presents them.

You can either:

· Download our app and scan tickets (iPhone / Android)

· Manually check-in guests as they arrive

· Assign operators to check-in guests

· Use a Bluetooth or USB scanner.


Summary page (home screen)
This page displays

1. Attendees checked-in / Tickets sold

2. A breakdown of attendees checked-in per ticket type

3. Operators and the breakdown of attendees they have checked-in.

Reset All Tickets
This button allows you to reset all the tickets to their initial non checked-in state. When you press the button you will need to enter your account password to complete the process. Note that this means you will wipe out all the check-ins that you have previously completed and you will have to start from scratch.

Guest List page

Once you click the Guest List link you will be taken to the Check-in screen where you can check-in attendees as they arrive. 

This field allows you to type in part or all of the following into the text box:

· Barcode (using a scanner) cursor must be in text box

· Person’s Name (Purchaser)

· Email Address

· Company

· Or leave blank to receive all entries


Select a letter in the alphabet (results are for first letter of surnames)
If a ticket number or a ticket barcode is scanned it will automatically check-in the ticket (only if that ticket has not already been checked-in).

Order Search Results (Below)
Select the appropriate order to bring up the list of tickets belonging to that order.

Tickets List (Below)

Select the individual tickets you would like to check-in, or check-in all.



This page allows you to create operators who can check-in attendees as they arrive on the event day, via our mobile app or by using the web page. To add operators that can check-in attendees on the event day, please see our Getting started with our app guide.