You can customise your event and organiser pages to create your own look and feel. If you have an existing website, try and match the colours from your website with the ones you select on your custom pages to create a more visually integrated ticket purchaser experience.

You can watch our quick demo video or follow the steps below on how to customise your page.

To create your custom page follow the on-screen tips and prompts.

These are the areas that can be customised:

  • Header background (image maximum 1200w x 200h pixels)
  • Header logo (image) - you now have the option to remove the previous logo

  • Information boxes - background colour/text colour
  • Main heading colour
  • Full page background (image minimum 1600w x 2500h for full width of browser- all larger images will be resized. Small images can be used, though we suggest you select the 'repeat' option)

To start customising your page, scroll your cursor over the appropriate area (indicated by a yellow border) and click 'edit' to begin. Once you have completed your design, use the toggle switch in the top right corner to turn the page on.

Some examples of a customised page.

Custom Design Page Example

If you have any further questions about customising your event and organiser pages or anything else, please don't hesitate to contact us any time and we'd be more than happy to help.