If you have already created your event and you would like to edit it, please follow the steps below.

Please note: If you have already sold tickets to your event, you can no longer change the location of the event and will need to send an email to support@stickytickets.com.au requesting the changes.

1. Log in to your Sticky Tickets account and select the event you would like to edit

2. Select the Edit Event tab

3. Select a section to edit 

Name Section

This is your event name. Once you have completed your changes select Save Changes

Event Date Section

Should you need to change the date of the event, simply go to Event Date section of your event but please note that if you have already sold tickets prior to the date change, this will not trigger the early release of ticket sales. Purchasers will also receive a notification email informing them of the updated event date/time.

  • Date: Enter the start date and then the end date for your event. (If your event is 1 day only, simply select the same date in the second date box). 
  • Time: Select the start and end time for your event.           
  • Display Settings:  Select the start time label and end time label. You can customise your event time display. Click here for more information.
  • Time zone: Select the time zone for the event. (We use the time zone when we are calculating the start time for your event). 
  • Click Save Changes to save this section.

After you save these details, they will be displayed as shown in the image below. If you need to make more changes you can click anywhere to edit.

Event Location Section

In this section, you enter the location details for your event.

1. Venue: Enter your event's venue name (if it has one).

2. Full Address: Enter the street address for your event, e.g. 1 Kent St Sydney and then click Find Address.

3. A list of matching addresses will be shown – select your address from the list.

4. Show Map: Check this box to enable a map of your event's location to be displayed.

5. Edit address details: You can click this and edit your address manually.

6. Add additional information: This will be displayed on the confirmation email and e-tickets. 

7. Notify Purchasers: An option to contact, remind or notify purchasers by SMS and/or email. Please click here for more information.

Click Save Changes to save this section. You can click anywhere to edit the details. 

After you save these details, they will be displayed as shown in the image below. If you need to make more changes you can click anywhere to edit.

Event Organiser Section

In this section, you enter the name and contact details for the event organiser. Any event enquires will be directed to this person.

1. Click on the Who section to begin editing.

2. Enter the Organiser’s name, phone number and email address. You can also display your company logo on the event page by clicking Show my organiser logo on my event page. See designing your own organiser page for instructions on how to include your organiser logo on your event/organiser page design.

Click Save Changes to save this section. You can click anywhere to edit the details.

Refund Policy

In this section, please carefully note the following:

  • If the event has sessions, changes to this section will take effect to all sessions 
  • You can only make changes on the policy if your event is still in pending status or has no tickets sold. Once you have sold at least 1 ticket, this section will be locked.
  • In the event that the policy was changed, tickets that were bought prior to the changes will still remain the same

Description Section

In this section, you enter a detailed description of your event. You can also upload event images.

· Full Description: Enter all the details about your event. You can use the formatting tools to customise the look of your event description. You can also upload images into this description, please see the 'adding media to my event' description tutorial  .


Try to make this section creative and informative, as it will help you sell tickets to your event. You might include information on the speakers/presenters, what’s included in the ticket price and why people should come to your event. 


· Image Gallery: To add visual effect to your web page you can upload 3 images, to be displayed alongside your event description. You can only upload an image in the following formats: JPEG, PNG and GIF. Note: Image 1 will be used on our Find Tickets/Search pages if your event is a public event. Note: The first image on this gallery will be use as the thumbnail for your event.

Click Save Changes to save this section.



Select which part of the ticketing you would like to edit.

  • Event Capacity - The total number (of all tickets) that can be sold for this event. Your event will be sold out if the total number of tickets sold exceeds this number (or if all individual ticket limits are exceeded). 

  • Booking Fee - Includes the booking fee in prices where displayed. If booking fees are to be included you must specify the price BEFORE the fee is added, as the system will automatically update the price to include the booking fee. Should you choose not to include the booking fee, the client will be notified that the advertised ticket price 'does not include booking fee' and will be charged the additional fee at the time of purchase.

  • Issue eTicket - Automatically issue e-tickets. At the time of ticket purchase/registration your attendees will be emailed an automated tax receipt from Sticky Tickets on your behalf as well as an automated e-ticket, unless you choose not to.  

  •  Individual Ticket Names - Request individual names from multiple ticket purchases. With this option you can request individual names for each ticket purchased, which is useful when selling large tables. One purchase is made (a table of ten for example) and ten tickets are issued. The ticket purchaser will be given an opportunity to enter and allocate an individual's name to each ticket. A 'copy to all' button is available on the 'Buy Tickets' page, for if the purchaser decides to fill all ticket holder details under their name.

Tickets: Edit your individual tickets and select save changes. For more details on ticketing, please click here.

Note:  For events with multiple sessions, you can edit your ticket settings per session or across all sessions. To edit across all sessions, tick the box below. 

Promotional Codes

Edit your promotional code settings by selecting the 'Edit' link. Select Save Changes.

Note: For events with multiple sessions you can edit your promotional code settings per session or across all sessions. To edit across all sessions tick the box below. 


Click on the Privacy section to change the settings

  • You can create a Public Event  or a Private Event. Public events will be promoted by Sticky Tickets and will be discoverable via the event search feature. For private events you will need to provide the URL directly to your attendees (via email for example).
Each option is explained below.
  • Search Categories (public event only) - If you tick this checkbox your event will be easily accessible to anyone searching the Sticky Tickets site. They will be able to both view and purchase tickets to your event. Alternatively, by leaving the box blank only those who have been given the event URL by you (shown at the bottom of the event ad on completion) will be able to find the event and purchase tickets.
  • Attendees Visible - If you tick this checkbox a guest list will be seen at the bottom of your event page. The ticket purchaser has an option when purchasing tickets to not show their name on the event page (their tickets will show as ANONYMOUS).
  • Allow Sharing  (private event only) - Checking this box will allow your attendees to use the 'share' feature on Sticky Tickets. They will be able to Send To A Friend and Like or Share On Facebook.

Use the 'Preview' link to view your changes. 

If you have questions about editing your event or anything else, please do not hesitate to contact us at support any time and we'd be more than happy to assist.

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