The following is a guide to the features and information available on the event summary page.


1. If you are not logged in to Sticky Tickets visit and log in using your organiser username (email) and password.

2. On the My Events page, find and click on the event name you wish to view.

3. On the Summary page you have the following menu items:


Summary Page

Menu Items (Left panel)

Summary Actions

Preview - Use this link to preview your event and to view how it looks in its final format. Your browser may block pop-up window opening, so if prompted allow pop-ups from this website.

New Session - This will allow you to create a new session for your event. Find out more

Cancel Event - This will cancel this event. Find out more

Event Summary Information Boxes

Status - Pending, Completed, Live, Paused or Cancelled.

Days to the event - The number of days left until the event.

Page Views – The number of times the event page has been looked at online.

Record Offline Sales - Sell tickets manually, accept credit cards or cash, give tickets away or even discount them. This link allows you to enter ticket sales that you receive directly (so not via the internet).

Reporting/Sales Notification  - Use this link to export various reports and send scheduled sales notifications for your event.

Download Attendee List - A quick link to download your list of attendees.

Sales (edit/resend/cancel) - View all sales (Sales List tab), edit ticket holder information, resend tickets and receipts, and transfer, cancel or refund tickets.

View Tickets - View Sales List tab showing the tickets per order number

View Donations - View Sales List tab listing all donations made to the event.


Net Sales - The amount displayed here is the total of all sales for your event including online and offline sales. It excludes booking fees.

Tickets online - Online sales with the booking fee excluded.

Tickets Offline - Sales entered by you that do not incur a booking fee.

Donations - All donations made excluding the booking fee.

Products - Sales base on the products you sold


Tickets Sold - The amount displayed here is the total tickets sold including online and offline.

Online - The number of online tickets sold that have incurred a booking fee.

Offline - The number of tickets allocated by you that do not incur a booking fee.

Remaining - The number of tickets that are yet to be sold.

Products - the number of remaining products to be sold

Owed To You - The amount displayed here is what is owed to you by Sticky Tickets for ticket sales.

Gross online sales -The total online sales including booking fees.

Fees - The total booking fees paid including any additional Amex fees.

Already Paid - The amount that we have already transferred into your account (only for approved and advanced payment organisers). For more details see the transaction page

The blue ribbon appears when the organiser account has been granted rebates. This will show the rebate amount that the event is entitled with. 

Tickets summary - this shows a list of the ticket types and their sales.

Summary Chart - this feature is a visual representation of sold tickets, promo code usage, check-ins and ticket sales frequency. By default, this will display data from the last 3 months but you can use the date range filter to adjust the date 

For more information on any of these areas, please click on the links provided.