Note: You will need to make your event live before you can access the Promote/Marketing link. Click here for details on how to make your event live. You will still be able to edit your event after your event is live.

If you choose to keep your event private you will need to supply your invitees with the URL of your event page ( so they can type this into their internet browser and be taken directly to your page to purchase/register.

Even if your event is going to be searchable on the Sticky Tickets site, you may still like to provide the URL on invitations and flyers to save your attendees from searching on our site to locate your event page. You can find your event URL under the 'Promote' tab for your event in the black bar on the left, once logged in. It will also be below your description text on your event page.

Your event and Facebook Event URL are located on the page below

Event URL - This is the internet address that you need to share with your invitees so they can go online and purchase tickets. Click on the Copy Event Link button to paste onto all your marketing channels.

Facebook URL - This is the Facebook Event URL which will show once you have integrated your Facebook Page account to your Sticky Tickets account. You can use and share on your social media and invites so your guests can view details of your event.

If you have questions about your event URL or anything else, please don't hesitate to contact us and we'd be happy to help.

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