To add Google analytics to your account and track all your Sticky Tickets pages follow these steps

  • Login to your Sticky Tickets account
  • Select Organiser Settings then Integrations

  • Enter your Tracking ID

  • Save changes


  • To obtain your Tracking ID you will need to login into your Google Analytics account, for more details click here. or to view a video click here
  • Google Analytics will report on all your Sticky Ticket pages i.e. Organiser and event pages. When reviewing the reports in Google analytics you will be able to filter down to specific event pages.
  • As you create new events these pages will also be tracked by Google Analytics automatically.
  • Once you are in your Google Analytics account you can create a segment which will allow you to drill down further into specific events.
  • You will need to create a new segment for each event that you would like to drill down further into.
  • To view a VIDEO on how to create a segment click here.. (this will take you to our YouTube page)