When setting up your event on Sticky Tickets you’ll have the option to make it searchable (publicly listed on the Sticky Tickets site) or to keep it private so that only invitees are able to view the event page and purchase tickets. 

To edit this follow the steps below: 

1. Log in to Sticky Tickets

2. Select the event you would like to edit

3. Click on Edit Event link on the left

4. At the bottom of this page click Edit in the Privacy section

  • Select Private Event or Public Event

    • In Public settings, you can enter categories that best describe your event. 

    • In Private settings,  category settings are no longer available but you can set if attendees can share their event on Facebook


  • Attendees Visibility 

    • Private Event If this is selected your attendees will have the option to display their name on your event page (if they opt-out anonymous will be displayed). 

    • Public Event If this is selected, the names of the attendees will be displayed on your event page.


For public events, if you would like an image to be displayed in search results (people using our 'Find Tickets' page) you will need to upload an image into the Description section of your event. See the image below.

If you have any further questions about this or anything else, please contact us at support and we'd be happy to help.

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