An offline sale is a sale that you complete yourself on behalf of a ticket buyer. Say for instance someone wants to pay over the phone with a credit card, or to give you cash. If this happens you will need to process an offline sale. 

To do so follow the instructions below:

1. Log in to Sticky Tickets.

2. Click on the event you wish to sell a ticket to.

3. Click the Record Offline Sales link.

4. Select Ticket QuantitiesNOTE: should you wish to offer a discounted ticket you can manually change the dollar value of the ticket (the booking fee will be calculated on the discounted amount) 


5. Select the Payment Type

6. Enter the Purchaser Details


7. Enter credit card details Note: This step is not required if your tickets are free or if payment is by other means than a credit card

7. Click the Confirm button

Things to remember about offline sales:

· If a credit card is not being processed there are no booking fees charged.

· If a sale is completed via a credit card then the standard booking fees apply.

· If you are issuing a FREE ticket at no cost, then select NO CHARGE payment method. No dollar amount will be added to your event sales totals.

· If you choose to sell a ticket cheaper than originally advertised, the booking fee will be calculated at the discounted amount.

· If you include an email in the Purchaser Details section, an email will be sent to the person with the e-tickets & receipt as normal. Only a receipt will be sent if you have chosen not to send e-tickets at the set-up stage of the event.