Your organiser page is an optional feature. It is great because you can provide an overview of your organisation. Your organiser page will list all your live (public) events. You can include your logo, contact details and a description of your organisation. It is a great page to send people if they wish to keep up-to-date with the events you are running, particularly if you are likely to hold events on a regular basis. The organiser page URL will always stay the same so it is handy to add this to your marketing material and not have to worry about updating it every time you create a new event.

For mobile device:

Click on the Organiser Settings + Organiser Page on the left hand menu 

You will need to fill in the form displayed- below is further explanation of the items involved.

  • Organiser Page Enabled -  You need to turn this on to have your page visible on the site. You can change this at any point to remove or show your page.
  • Organiser Url - here you get to pick your own URL for your organiser page. You should choose a short word or two- a good choice would be your organisation name for example. Note: "no spaces" The URL must only contain letters, numbers and the dash character"-"                                                                                                                             

For Mobile Devices:



  • Heading & Logo - You can select and upload an organisation logo. This image will be displayed on your organiser page and optionally you can choose to display this image on any event page that you create.

  • Contact Information - Enter your contact details here
  • About - Here you can enter a free text description about your organisation
  • Privacy - Here you can select if you would like this page to be viewable to everybody (public) or only accessed via a direct link (private).

When you have completed all fields and are ready, press the Save Organiser Page button and this page will be live. To view your organiser page click on the Preview Page link in the top right corner.

Your event organiser page will have a web address (URL) which you can give out to people to take them directly to your webpage. You have the option of picking your preferred URL in the set up process (described above). For example you could have something like  or

Geo Location Event Search

All event searches on our website now use Geo Location to display search results which are closest to the ticket purchaser. 

A sample organiser page is shown below. 

If you have questions about your organiser page or anything else, please don't hesitate to contact us at support any time and we'd be more than happy to help.