To use Sticky Tickets to sell raffle tickets in a cost effective way use our group ticket feature, this will greatly reduce the booking fees charged.


You would like to sell $2.00 raffle tickets

- if you create a single ticket at $2.00 the booking fee on this ticket will be $1.00 for each ticket purchased

- if you create bundles (group tickets) e.g 10 x $2.00 tickets at $20 the booking fee will be $1.50 (the ticket purchaser would save $10 in booking fees if they were to buy 10 x single $2.00 tickets) A group ticket of 10 will still issue out 10 tickets.

To create a group ticket follow these steps.

1. If you have already created an event go to the My Events page and click on the appropriate event or click on Create A New Event.

2. Click on the Edit Event  tab and scroll down to the Ticketing section and click Create Your First Ticket or click the Edit icon

3. To create/add a new ticket and select  the group Group Ticket  and enter the details of the ticket type then select Save Changes 

Note: The highlighted price above will be shown on your event page. The amount in the cost column will be the final amount charged per ticket.