At Sticky Tickets we recognise the challenges faced by educational institutions, sporting clubs and not for profit/community organisations, and we like to help out where we can. We would be pleased to donate 10% of the total charges for the event back to your club, school or organisation.

Our donation will be 10% of our all inclusive booking fee, so it includes all credit card charges. You can still choose whether or not you add the booking fee to the ticket price, or include it in the cost.

To be eligible, your event must be for a registered educational institution, sporting club or not for profit/community group

To Apply:

* Register and log in to Sticky Tickets.

* Complete the application form and providing the following:

* Paperwork showing the sporting group, not for profit/community organisation or educational institution the event is in aid of, or endorsed by.


* Management reserves the right to refuse the application without explanation.

* Evidence must be submitted that shows the event is in aid of an educational, sporting or community group.

* Once approved, Sticky Tickets will add their supporter logo to your event page.

If your application is approved, just send an invoice for 10% of the total booking fees after your event to (please include your bank details on the invoice). Your rebate will be processed for payment by EFT the next business day. 

If you still have questions about rebates or anything else, please contact us any time and we'd be more than happy to assist.

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