You can reconcile payments that you have received from Sticky Tickets by going to the Transactions page:

1. Login to your Sticky Tickets account

2. Select the Transactions link 

3. Select Event Proceeds


4. Select the date range and click Search

Here is a breakdown of the information you’ll see on the page:


A. This is the current amount owed to you (These funds will be transferred to you at the successful completion of your event).

B. This is the date that Sticky Tickets transferred these funds.

C. This is the bank transaction number for this transfer (not to be confused with your event id number).

D. This is the event id number which of these funds belong to. You can view the event by opening a new browser window and adding the event id number to So for example,

E. This is the event name. You can click on this to take you to the event summary page. Select the back button on your browser to return to the transaction page.

F. This is the amount that was transferred into your nominated bank account (Total Online Sales - Booking Fees).

G. This is a PDF that includes a payment summary and receipt for the booking fees.

Please contact us at support if you have any questions about this or anything else.