Purchaser and ticket holder information can be exported in the system before, during, or after your event. You can watch our demo, or follow the steps listed below:

1. Login to your Sticky Tickets account and go to My Tickets tab. Select the event you want to generate the report to


2. You can open the Reports page from the Reports link in the Summary tab or by clicking the Reports tab in the left panel.


3. The Reports page will show a list of all available reports that you can generate before, during or after your event. (screenshot updated)


4. You can generate our Standard Reports and download them as CSV, Excel or PDF format. Below is the list of our Standard Reports.

  • Tickets List - A list of all tickets sold for your event, including names and details entered for each ticket in every order, and any custom form questions.
  • Product List - A list of all products (sub-ticket) sold for your event.
  • Ticket Address List - A list of tickets sold with the address details of the purchaser and any custom form questions.
  • Sales Report - A list of sales for your event. Includes purchaser details, payment amounts and GST collected per order.
  • Sales, Address and Tickets  - This is a combined report with tickets sold, GST collected per order, contact details, purchase details and any custom form questions. 
  • Offline Sales - This report will list all the offline sales created for this event
  • 3rd Party Information Request - A list of purchasers who have opted-in to be contacted by 3rd party sponsors of the event.
  • Organiser Information Request - A list of purchasers who have opted-in to be contacted by the event organiser.
  • Email List - A list of email addresses for those who purchased tickets to your event.
  • Check-In Status Report - A list that shows the current state of who is checked in and who is checked out , 1 line per ticket.
  • Check-In History Report - A list that shows each check-in and checkout, can have multiple lines per ticket.
  • Ticket Barcodes - A list of barcodes for all tickets sold in your event. 
  • Door List in Alphabetical Order (grouped by purchaser) - A list of tickets purchased, grouped by purchaser in alphabetical order. 

5. You can also create and generate a custom report. With this feature, you can create a customised report base on the current standard reports list. For more information about this. please click here.


6. You may also create a schedule report that can be sent to you via email at your preferred time and date (day)

If you have any questions about reports or anything else, please don't hesitate to contact us at support any time and we'd be more than happy to help.

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