Each Organiser is able to set their own Terms and Conditions for their event, including their refund policy.

To add your own Terms and Conditions please follow these steps

  • Log in to the event you would like to add your terms and conditions to
  • Go to Event Questions/Edit Questions

  •  Select Add Purchaser Question

  •  From the dropdown menu select Document Link
  • Enter the details of your terms and conditions (you can use the details on the image below as a guide)
  • If you already have your terms and conditions displayed on a webpage you can enter the url address, or
  • You can upload a Microsoft Word or PDF file 

  • Select Save Changes

This now allows the ticket purchaser to view your Terms and Conditions. Should you wish to create a tick box that makes it compulsory to agree to the Terms and Conditions please follow the steps below.

Note: If you select 'Required Field' in the set up below the ticket purchaser will not be able to proceed unless they agree to the Terms and Conditions.

  • Select Add Purchaser Question (if you are still on the Edit Questions page)
  • Select Tick Box from the dropdown menu
  • Enter the details as per the image below 

  •  Select Save Changes