Our Sticky Tickets widget will allow visitors to select and reserve tickets directly on your site. 

Note: To help enhance the ticket purchasing experience it is recommended that you match the look of your Sticky Tickets event page with the page that you are inserting the widget on, by using the Custom Page Design feature. 

When using the ticket widget your customer will follow these steps.

  •  They select and reserve tickets directly on your site.  

  • They complete the order form (personal details, ticket holders, payment if applicable) on our secure site. 

  • They are automatically returned to your site where the order confirmation will be displayed (in an overlay on your page). 

  • Once they click the Close Order Details the order confirmation overlay is removed and they will be able to see your page. Our widget (highlighted by a red box below) will show a small confirmation message and a button to  open the details overlay again.


Widget Setup

To set up the widget you will need to be able to add a html script tag to your webpage (If you are unsure on how to do this please contact the person who created your website.)

For more details on our ticket widget please click here.


  • Some services that allow you to create a web site do not allow scripts to be used, for example wordpress.com does not allow any scripts (or iframes) to be added to a page. If you are using a Wordpress site you have two options- insert a direct link, or insert our Buy Tickets button. Your event url link and Buy Tickets html code is available on the Promote/Marketing (click herepage for your event. The exception to this rule is if you are hosting your own wordpress site, in which case our widget can be used. 
To insert a direct link or buy tickets button on your Wordpress site see image below: