Use this feature to grant people access to your account and select the settings for the level of access granted.

To do so please follow these steps:

1. Login into your Sticky Tickets account

2. Select Organiser Settings + User Access 

3. Select Invite someone to your account

4. Enter email address of the user you would like to grant access to.

5. Select the users access level

    User Access Levels

  • Account Administrator (unrestricted) - Allows user to modify all features in your account including the ability to modify user Access Permission.
  • Manage All Event - Allows user to modify all events in your account. If enabled, user can modify the split payment configuration for ALL events 

  • Event Sales - Allows user to view all events, Sales information and process offline Sales
  • Check-in Attendees - Allows user to check-in attendees for Live events
  • Organiser Page - Allows user to modify your organiser page
  • Custom Page Design - Allows user to modify your custom page design
  • Transactions - Allows user to view and download transactions history
  • Create Event - Allows user to create (and then manage) new events. Note: that the user can only see the event they have created in your account. 
    • If enabled, user can transfer funds into their own account. 
    • User can also modify split payment configuration for the event they created. 

6. Select Send Invitation

7. The invitation will remain outstanding until it is accepted by the user

  • Once a user has accepted the invitation it will be listed on the User Access page
  • You will then be able to edit each user by selecting the Edit  link
  • Note to Delete  a user all user settings boxes must be unticked

  • Below is the email that is sent to the user
  • They have the option to either Login  (if they already have a Sticky Tickets account) or Register  (if they do not have a Sticky Tickets account)

  • Once logged in or registered the grantee will be taken directly to the events list of the grantor.
  • The grantee will then be able to toggle between accounts from the top of the left menu
  • The account name that the grantee is currently viewing will be listed below the Sticky Tickets logo.
    • Also a simple way to tell which account is currently being viewed is if the page displays My Events these are the grantees own events
    • If the page displays Event List these are the events of the grantor
  • The Grantor will not have the option to toggle between accounts as they will see all events that any grantees create on their event list page




Grantor: This is an organiser who is inviting someone to share their account.

Grantee: This is the person who has been sent an invitation to access another organisers account.