To view tickets and ticket holder contact details:

  • Select your event from the My Events page 

  • Click the View Tickets link 

  • This will bring up a listing of details for each ticket sold including: ticket number, buyer name, email address and phone number.  By clicking on the Export link, you can transfer all this information to an external program such as Microsoft Excel in order to prepare name tags, seating allocations, databases etc

Viewing sales:

  •  From the event page, click the Sales link: 

  • This allows you to view details for each ticket transaction that takes place for your event including: the date, order number, name of buyer, number of tickets, sale amount, booking fee accrued,net payment. You can view the list by date of purchase by clicking on sort icon on the 'Date' column.
  • By click on an individual order you will be able to perform specific tasks for that order i.e. Cancel tickets, resend order, transfer tickets.