The reports that can be downloaded from your event are:

  • Tickets List - A list of all tickets sold for your event, including names and details entered for each ticket in each order and any custom form questions.
  • Ticket Barcodes - A list of barcodes for all tickets sold to your event. This file is best opened using a text editor like Notepad
  • Ticket Address List - A list of tickets sold with the address details of the purchaser and any custom form questions.
  • Door List in Alphabetical Order (grouped by purchaser) - A list of tickets purchased, grouped by purchaser in alphabetical order.
  • Door List in Alphabetical Order (individual ticket names) - A list of tickets purchased grouped individually in alphabetical order.
  • Sales Report - A list of purchases for you event. Includes purchaser details and payment amounts.
  • Sales, Address and Tickets -This is a combined report with tickets sold, contact details, purchase details and any custom form questions. 
  • 3rd Party Information request - A list of purchasers who have opted in to be contacted by 3rd party sponsors of the event.
  • Organiser Information Request - A list of purchasers who have opted in to be contacted by the event organiser.
  • Email List - A list of email address for purchasers of tickets to your event.
  • Check-in Status Report - Provides the current check-in status of all tickets
  • Check-In History Report - Provides the history of each check-in and checkout


To access the reports log in to Sticky Tickets and then follow these steps.


             · Select your event

  • Select the Reporting/Sales Notification link on the event summary tab.

Select the Report you wish to download from the list presented.