If you are holding a one-off event to raise funds for a registered charity, then please consider applying for our one-off charity rebate. If approved, we will be pleased to donate back 20% of the total credit card booking fees (including AMEX) for your event.

To Apply

  1. Register and log in to Sticky Tickets (you may use an existing account)
  2. Complete the application form, providing evidence that the fund or institution is approved by the Australian Taxation Office as an endorsed Tax Concession Charity (TCC)
  3. All proceeds from the event must be in aid of the registered charity, not just a portion of proceeds.
  4. Supply a letter or email from the charity acknowledging that the event is raising funds for their charity.


  • Management reserves the right to ask you to modify your acknowledgement of Sticky Tickets as a supporter, or to refuse the application without explanation.
  • When applying for the one off charity rebate, we would appreciate it if the application can be submitted as early as possible in your event set up, to allow for processing and timely approval.
  • Please refer to our branding page for guidelines on using our logo. You will also find our 'supporter' logo which can be used when promoting us as a sponsor of your event.  Once approved, the Sticky Tickets 'supporter' logo will be automatically added to your event page.

If your application is approved, just send an invoice for 20% of the total booking fees after your event to accounts@stickytickets.com.au (please include your bank details on the invoice). Your rebate will be processed for payment by EFT the next business day. Please note that we will add our logo to your event page upon approval.

If you have any questions about this or anything else, please don't hesitate to contact us and we'd be more than happy to help.