There are two options you may use with our ticket widget- the first is the Direct Link (easy) which will insert a 'Buy Now' button on your webpage. The second will create a ticket box on your webpage that will allow the ticket purchaser to select tickets on your webpage. You can watch our quick demo, or follow the steps listed below:

  • Log in to your event
  • Go to the Promote/Marketing page (left menu)

Option 1

Direct Link (easy)

This option will create a link on your webpage that directs ticket purchasers to your Sticky Tickets event page.

  • Select the colour of the logo that best suits your webpage
  • Select the appropriate size
  • Copy and paste the code provided on your webpage where you would like the buy button to appear.

Option 2

Ticket Widget (advanced)

This option will create a ticket window on your webpage that will list your sessions and tickets available. The ticket purchaser will have the option to select the ticket quantities they would like to purchase, and then be directed to our website to complete personal and payment details (we do this for security reasons). Once the purchase is completed, the ticket purchaser is returned to your website where we display our 'Payment Successful' page (this lists all the details of the purchase). The ticket purchaser will have the option to print this page or close it. If they select to close the page, we will then direct them to the page you entered when setting up the advanced ticket widget.

Note: To help enhance the ticket purchasing experience it is recommended that you match the look of your Sticky Tickets event page with the page that you are inserting the widget on, by using the Custom Page Design feature.

  • The first section of the code should be inserted on your webpage where you would like the widget to be displayed
  • The second section of the code (widget script) should be placed once on your webpage- we recommend you place it near the end of your page (just inside the closing body tag (</body>)
  • Successful Order Return URL (this is optional) should you wish the ticket purchaser to return to the same page the widget was displayed on, you can leave this empty. If you would like the purchaser to return to a different page enter the new URL here.

To view an example of what the advanced widget will look like please click here

For Wordpress sites, please click here and scroll to the bottom of page.

Please don't hesitate to contact us any time of you need further assistance.