If you are planning on using our Check-In application to scan tickets on the day of your event, we highly recommend that you ensure that the application is working correctly at the venue prior to holding your event.

Before following the testing steps below please ensure that you have set up checkin operators and downloaded the application onto your device. For more details on how to do this click here.

Compatible devices: iPhone 4s or newer, iPod Touch, iPad, iPad Mini, and Android Devices version 2.2 and up.

Testing the Check-In Application

Once you have set up checkin operators on your event and downloaded the application on a compatible device follow these steps:

Printing physical tickets to test app on location

  • Log into your event
  • Select the Sales List
  • On the sales list page select filter option Tickets and view option Purchasers and Ticket Holders
  • Select Download link and print off as many tickets as you like (a minimum of 5 is recommended, though if you have lots of operators you may need to print more)

You can now use these tickets to test the application on location. Click here for instructions on how to scan tickets. Also please note if you are planning to use the Check-In App for an extended period of time please ensure you have a backup power source.

IMPORTANT Once you have completed testing you should then reset all the tickets for your event to not being checked in. To do so follow these steps:

  • Login to your event
  • Select Check-In / Claims
  • Select Reset All Tickets
This procedure will uncheck all the tickets you used for testing so that they will be ready to be scanned when presented by the ticket owner on the day of the event.

For troubleshooting tips click here