There are times that the organisers would like to absorb the booking fees. This means that the price that the purchasers will be billed includes the booking fee. For example, if you wish to sell your tickets for $205.50, you will receive $200.00 net price per ticket. 

To do this, access the event settings and scroll to the Ticketing section. Click on the Edit button to open up the options.

Ensure the checkbox for Booking Fee is ticked to include the booking few in your ticket price, or Unticked to exclude the Booking Fee in your ticket price. Then click on Save changes button.

Once saved you will notice, that the Cost Column in your ticket type lists will be selected.

If you chose to pass-on the fee to the purchasers, you will notice that the Net column will be selected.

Note: Keep in mind that whenever you change the booking fee settings, you will need to update the ticket price of each ticket type accordingly to make sure that the price is correctly calculated.