Setting up a seating plan allows your guests/purchasers to select and reserve their own seats at the time of purchase.

To create a seating plan for your event, please watch this short video or follow the steps below:

Note: We now have an updated version of our seating plan. Click here to know more about it,

Create your Reserved Seat ticket type (you will need to do this first before you can create your seating plan).  

Enter your ticket settings. For more information about these fields, please click here.

Click 'Save Changes' and then select Set Up Seating Plan.

There are different types of seating plans that you can set up:

Blank Plan - Selecting a blank plan provides you with an empty canvas. From here you can add Sections, Tables, Text and Extras to create your custom floor plan.

Table Layout - Selecting a table layout will provide you with the options to enter how many tables, and how many seats per table.

Theatre Style Layout - With a theatre-style layout you will be asked to enter how many sections, rows and seats per row.

Copy a Previous Plan - If you have created a plan in the past you can select this plan to use again for this event.

Note: with all the above options you will be able to add items to the layout on the seating plan editor. If you have selected a plan type that you would like to change, you can delete it on the edit event page and start again.

Blank Plan

Add a Section, Table, Text or an Extra to start designing your floor plan.

Adding a section:

Adding a table:

The editor and its features: (see image below)

1. Move - Click on a table, extra or section, and once it is highlighted and the 'move' icon is blue, by holding down the cursor you can re-position the item. 

2. Rotate - To rotate, highlight the item and click on 'rotate', then drag the item.

3. Edit - Highlight the item you wish to edit and select 'edit'.

4. Delete - You can delete an item by highlighting the item and selecting 'delete'.

5. Allocate tickets to seats, rows, sections, tables - You can allocate your tickets to seats directly in the editor by highlighting the item you want to allocate seats to. 

6. Text - To add text to your plan select the 'text' button. You will be able to add any text, and adjust the font size and colour.

7. Extras - Use this feature to add stages, exits, bathrooms etc. to your floor plan.

In order to complete and publish your seating plan, you will need to allocate tickets to every seat. This can be done directly on the editor or by highlighting a section and selecting 'edit'. You can also assign multiple ticket types to the one seat/row/section. Should you not wish to allocate a ticket to every seat, you can use the Not For Sale option in the ticket type drop-down. In the image below, the grey seats have been allocated a Not For Sale ticket type.

Once you have completed designing your seating plan, you can now publish it. 

Below is a preview of the event page with the seating plan created.

When the seating plan is published, you can click the 'Download' icon if you would like to save a copy of your seating plan in a PDF file,  and you can click the 'Unpublish' button on the Event Seating Plan page to edit further.

The following images show the screens that are displayed to the ticket purchaser during the process of purchasing tickets.

1. Once you open the event page, click on Buy Tickets button.

2. Select the seats/tables you want to reserve from the plan. You can select multiple seats/tables/section and these will be added on the summary of your purchase below.

3. Once you are happy with your selection, you can click on the Reserve Tickets and move to the next page

4. Enter the purchaser details. Some organisers may require individual names on the ticket.

5. Once all information is provided, click on the Continue button.

6. On the Payment page, credit card details will be required.

7. Once details are entered, click on the Confirm Payment button to complete the booking process.

Order Successful page is displayed.

If you have any questions about creating a seating plan or anything else, please don't hesitate to contact us any time and we'd be more than happy to help.

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