To split the event ticket sales between two bank accounts please follow these steps.

  • Login to your Sticky Tickets account
  • Select the event for which you would like to split the payments 
  • Select Edit Event
  • Scroll down to the Split Payments section
  • Click on Edit icon

  • In the Split Payments settings. select Split Payments

  • Enter the Banking Details (the email address entered will be sent a payment summary once the transfer has been made. The event organiser will also be sent a copy) 

  • Enter the details of how you would like the payments to be split. 

  • Distribution Priority - Determines who the system will pay first.
    • If you select Organiser, this means, the settings below will be paid to the organiser. The remaining funds will be sent to the 3rd party's banking details. 
    • If you selected Third Party, you will need to enter a fixed amount which will be sent to the 3rd party banking details
  • Split Type - Only appears if Distribution Priority is set to Organiser. This allows you to set how the ticket sales will be split.
    • If you select Percentage, you need to enter the percentage of the split. Example. 50% split between Organiser and 3rd party account
    • If you select Fixed Amount, this allows you to enter an amount (per ticket sold) that will be paid to the organiser first. The remaining funds will be sent to the 3rd party account.

  • Fixed Cost (from total sales) - this is optional (can be left blank). This allows you to set an amount to be deducted from ticket sales before any split payments are made

  • Once settings are all filled in, click the Save Changes button.

If you have any questions about split payments or anything else, please don't hesitate to contact us any time and we'd be more than happy to help.