This feature allows event organisers the ability to select the frequency of their event (daily, weekly, monthly) so when purchasers select/click "Add to Calendar" on the event page, it will show as a recurring event to their own calendar. For example if you're organising an event that occurs on multiple dates (like a class or seminar), you could use this feature to indicate the frequency of your event.

  • Go to My Events tab and click on the event you wish to modify.

  • In the Edit Event tab, click on the ‘Edit’ link for Date section.

  • In the Date settings, click on the Advanced Settings link.

  • This will open the Frequency dropdown list where you can select how often your event occurs and allows you to tick the appropriate day/days. The preview line will show you how it will be displayed on your event page. 

  • Once done, click on the save button. Below is an example of how it will be displayed on the event page.