You can send an email or SMS reminder to guests or event attendees. To do this, you can watch our quick demo, or follow the steps listed below:

1. Open the event you are working on and click on the Notify Purchasers tab in the left panel. To start creating the message, click on the Create button located in the upper right corner of the page.

2. On the first page, you can set a name for this reminder and choose which way you wish to send this message (SMS or EMAIL). Please note that as we rely on third-party providers for this service, this feature has a small charge which will automatically be deducted from your ticket sales, or when they become available. If you do not have enough funds and would like to send the message straight away, you can top up your account on the Transactions - Account Billing page (see further below for details).

If you choose to send the message via email:

  • To – You can choose to send the message to All Ticket Purchasers or to Specific Ticket types (advanced). This allows you to customise your message for different guests such as sponsors, VIPs, etc...

  • Replies to – the email address which will receive all replies to this notification
  • Subject – Serves as the subject of the email
  • Attachment – Allows you to upload a file/image which will be included on the email notification.
  • Message – Allows you to create the content of the email

3, Once you have filled out all the information required, click on the Next: Confirm Details button. On the next page, you will see a summary of the message and its details. You can also send a test email to see how it will look before you send it out to your guests.

You can choose whether to send the email right away or at a later time/date which you specify. You may also set the notification to send to all new purchasers.

Once the notifications are sent and complete, you can go back to each notification you have sent to check the Delivery Summary Status. You can go back and edit the settings if you need to, or you can delete it.

If your account does not have enough credit to process this feature, a message box will show asking you to add funds to your account.

If you choose to send the message via SMS:

  • Select the recipients of the SMS. You can choose to send it to all ticket purchasers or select Advance and choose to filter the list base on ticket type. You can also set the date of the purchaser if you wish to filter the list further.

To complete sending out email/SMS notifications to your guests, you must have funds in your Sticky Tickets account to cover the cost of this feature. To add funds to your account, either click TOP-UP in the banner or go to the Account Billing link under Transactions and click on the Top Up button

You will be asked to provide your credit card details and a top-up amount. Note: We do not store credit card details- you will be asked to enter your credit card details every time you wish to add funds to your account.

You can now go back to your Notification settings and click on the Resume Sending a link to start sending out the notifications.

Important: Each SMS message has a maximum of 160 characters at $0.10 per SMS, exceeding the 160 character limit will send multiple SMS's to complete the message and incur an additional SMS charge.

You can also see the status of your notification from the list of notifications you created and stop sending if needed.


Below are lists of statuses and their meanings:

For SMS messages

  • Queued- this message has been queued for sending
  • Failed- this message failed to be sent, most likely due to an invalid mobile number
  • Accepted- this message has been accepted by our service provider for sending
  • Sent- this message has been processed and sent to our service provider who will then send to the recipient 
  • Delivered- our network provider has delivered the message to the recipient
  • Funds missing - this message has not been sent due to your account having insufficient funds. Please TOP UP your account by clicking on the message

For Email messages

  • Delivered-  this message has been sent to the recipient's email address
  • Opened-  this message has been opened by the recipient
  • Bounced-  this email has bounced, most likely due to an invalid email address
  • Marked As Spam-  the recipient of this email has marked the email as spam
  • Funds missing - this message has not been sent due to your account having insufficient funds. Please TOP UP your account by clicking on the message

If you have questions about sending notifications or anything else, please don't hesitate to contact us at support any time and we'd be more than happy to assist.