In order for your event to appear on the Check-in App you are first required to add a checking operator, and this can be done from your event admin area. Organisers can add themselves and others as a check-in operators to scan tickets on the day of the event.  To add operators:

1.  Login to your Sticky Tickets account and open the event you want to scan tickets for.

2.  In the event settings, click on the Check-in Attendees tab 

3. Select the Operators link then Add Operator  (upper right corner) and enter the name of the user you wish to add.

Now you can scan the operator QR code if you have the device that you are using to scan tickets with you. (Note: If you still have not installed the app on your mobile device, you must install it first).

If you do not have the device with you skip this section and go to Email Instructions below.


Here is a video on how to add an operator using the QR code

EMAIL INSTRUCTIONS  - Follow these steps if you have been sent an email with instructions on how to access the event.

If the organiser will be adding another user as an operator, they can send them an email with the instructions on how to add the event to their Check-in app. To do this, click on the Email Instructions link 

Next, enter the email address of the operator. NOTE: Please make sure to advise the operator to install the App beforehand to avoid any delays in accessing the event.

Before following the procedure below please ensure that you have already installed the app on your device. You can do so by clicking on the following link from your device (iOS) and (Android).

 1. Open the email on the device that you will use to check-in attendees on the day of your event.

 2. Click on the link within the email. Your device will ask you how you would like to complete this action and you can select any internet browser.

 3. This will direct you to an internet page with the following options GET APP or LAUNCH APP AND ACCESS EVENT.

 4. Click on LAUNCH APP AND ACCESS EVENT (remember you will need to have the app installed). This will open the app and load your event.

Please note: The link in the email that gives you access to the event can only be used once. This is to prevent uninvited users from accessing the event.

Here is a video on how to open the event via email instructions.


By default, all newly added operators will be tagged as ALLOWED under the Event Access column. When a user has been tagged as BLOCKED, they will not see the event in their check-in app..

To use the check-in app to process arrivals at your event, please see Using the Check-in App to scan tickets guide.

Should you wish to setup a check-in operator to have access/scan tickets to ALL your events click here for instructions.

Note: When an event is copied (to create a new event) check-in operators will also be copied over.