If there is specific information you would like to collect from your event attendees, you can customise the checkout process to suit. Some purchaser details are required by default, however some of these can be edited and new questions asked, either per order, or for each ticket purchased. Different questions can be added for different ticket types, with responses given in either a free text format, dropdown menu to select, or a check box.

Please note that when purchasing a ticket, there is a box for ticket purchasers to check if they would like to receive information from the organiser, and another for if they would like to receive information from 3rd party sponsors.

You can view the data collected on the sales page by looking at each individual sale or by exporting a CSV file from the reporting page. The reports which include your custom form questions are: Ticket List, Ticket Address List and Export Sales, Address & Tickets

For more information on how to create these questions and forms, please click here and don’t hesitate to contact us at support if you need any further help.