A chargeback is a bank-initiated refund for a credit card purchase (Visa, MasterCard and American Express). Rather than request a refund from the merchant (Us - Sticky Tickets) who facilitated the purchase, cardholders can contact their bank and request a chargeback by disputing a particular transaction. In layman's terms, the credit card owner is disputing a transaction that has occurred on one of your events, and is requesting more information or a reversal.

We understand how frustrating and costly this can be for organisers, so we have some suggestions on how we can help you submit a chargeback appeal. The banks are very strict with their charge-back procedure and will only allow a merchant (that's us) the ability to submit one response to a chargeback and will ignore all further information or correspondence, so it's essential that we provide as much detail as possible the first time.

Whenever a chargeback is raised, this is our procedure:

  • We notify the organiser and the ticket purchaser that a chargeback has been claimed against one of your events, and provide you with the event and order number of the chargeback via email.
  • When you receive a chargeback notice, you have 3 days, during which time we suggest you provide us with as much evidence that the transaction was legitimate as possible, so we can best try and assist with your appeal. Some of the things we suggest you may do and provide us with are:
  • Photos of the ticket purchaser at your event.
  • Any correspondence you may have had with the ticket purchaser- this could be via email, text message or a Facebook message or post.
  • You can try contacting the ticket purchaser to clarify what the ticket purchase was for (they may have simply not recognised the 'Sticky Tickets' transaction on their credit card statement.) If you are successful in contacting the ticket purchaser, ask them to withdraw their chargeback with their credit card provider and to send you an email stating that this is what they will do. If a refund is warranted, it will be far quicker to do so through the organiser (you) than the bank.
  • Evidence that they checked in their ticket (obtainable from the reports tab on your event admin).
  • Check the ticket purchaser's social media pages for any posts they may have shared from your event.
  • Should your event still be live and you are unable to contact the purchaser, we suggest that you cancel the order. If this is the case, please notify us first and we will cancel the order on your behalf.
  • Once we receive the details from you, we will immediately submit all of this information plus any transaction details to the bank to appeal the chargeback.
  • It may take the bank several weeks to inform us if a chargeback claim has gone in favour of the ticket purchaser. We receive no correspondence if the chargeback is withdrawn or has gone in our favour.
  • Chargebacks can be costly, which is why we'd like to submit the strongest appeal on your behalf as possible. Should a chargeback go in favour of the ticket purchaser, the ticket costs + bank charge-back fees of $40 are deducted from the Sticky Tickets operating account. 
  • In this instance, we deduct the ticket costs + bank charge-back fees ($40) + Sticky Tickets admin fee $10 from your account.
  • Should you have no funds available on your account, we will send you an invoice which is payable within 14 days.

We understand the frustration when, rather than contact you for a refund, a ticket purchaser asks the bank to simply take the money back. Our goal is to help you as much as we are able in these circumstances, so if you have any questions, please contact us and we'd be happy to answer any questions.


- We may pause payments to all of your events if a chargeback is raised against one of your events.

- should any invoices remain outstanding beyond 30 days, Sticky Tickets will commence procedures to remedy any outstanding monies. Any additional costs incurred to remedy the outstanding balance by employing third-party services to recuperate outstanding monies with be born by the event organiser.

Please refer to the following websites for current consumer law