Summary of updates to our online agreements

We have made changes to our legal framework which will be effective May 15th 2019.  For further information please read the full Terms of UseTerms of SaleTicket Sellers Agreement, Refund Policy and Privacy Policy.  We have made several changes to the form of these documents including separating the terms of sale, terms of use, creating a fair refunds policy and updating our Privacy Policy.

Website Terms of Use

The agreement is no longer to be read in conjunction with the Live Performance Australia Code of Practice and amounts to the contract between the users of our website and Sticky Tickets.

In essence this contract deals with the contractual relationship between us and users that don’t buy a ticket.

Check it out here: Terms of Use

Terms of Sale

The Terms of Sale and Terms of Use documents have been separated into separate agreements to better reflect the precise contractual relationship.

The defined terms or the labels that we have used to describe things in the Terms of Sale have changed to better reflect the in particular roles of the players – for example “Seller” is now an “Organiser”.

Delivery of tickets is now subject to the shipping company of Sticky Tickets choice.

Check it out here: Terms of Sale

Ticket Sellers Agreement

We have changed the requirements for listing and promoting tickets to events for sale.

The Ticket Sellers Agreement provides that a seller may use Sticky Tickets branding in order to promote the sales of tickets where they are sold on the Sticky Tickets platform.

The seller grants a limited license to Sticky Tickets for the use of its intellectual property on our website for the purpose of selling tickets to an event.

We have included contractual terms regarding:

The moderation of content uploaded;
That we may remove content that is uploaded at our discretion;
Allowing us to verify information in regard to events promoted by Ticket Sellers.

Check it out here: Ticket Sellers Agreement

Refunds Policy

We have introduced a standard refunds policy which is the default that Ticket Sellers must honour.

We will issue refunds where required to do so by the Australian Consumer Law pursuant to Schedule 2 of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth).

We may issue a refund if requested to do so at our discretion.

Check it out here: Refund Policy

Privacy Policy

We have updated our Privacy Policy for the purposes of being compliant with the Australian Privacy Principles and the European General Data Protection Regulation.

Because we collect and distribute Personal Information as defined in the Privacy Act 1988(Cth) for the purposes of our business including distributing that information to Ticket Seller san we have had to update how we do this.

Our new Privacy Policy contains a variety of new provisions to explain:

that we provide individuals with the opportunity to access and correct personal information we hold about them;

that we have a complaints procedure in place regard to personal information; and

that we have outlined and updated our security protocols with regards to storage and updating personal information. 

Check it out here: Privacy Policy