Purchasers can now submit a request to transfer their tickets to another event. Transfer requests follow the Refund Policy set by organisers on each event. The Refund Policy indicates whether they will allow transfer/refund requests, or the date until they will allow/grant these requests. 

Please note that submitting a transfer request does not guarantee that it will be processed. This will still be reviewed and is subject for approval by the event organisers. To submit a transfer request:

With Member Accounts:

1. Login to your Sticky Tickets account and go to the My Tickets tab. Under the Upcoming Events tab, locate the ticket/s you wish to transfer then click on the Transfer Tickets button.

2.  Select the ticket/s you wish to be transferred and choose which event you would like to transfer the tickets to. Write a short message for the organiser then click on the Continue button. 


  • Ticket Transfers can only be done if both events are manage by the same organiser. 
  • Refund Protect will be voided once tickets are transferred

3. The next page will ask you to select the ticket you wish to transfer, and select a reason for this request. Please note that if there is a price difference between the current ticket you have purchased to the ticket of the other event, this will not be processed (you will not be charged extra nor refunded the price difference). You will need contact the Event Organiser to settle this outside Sticky Tickets. 

4. Once the Submit button is clicked, your request will sent to the organiser for review and approval.

For Guest Accounts:

1. Go to our website and click on the My Tickets tab. You can locate your tickets by searching for the order number or enter the credit card details you used to make the purchase. Please note that all fields on each option are required.

2. Once your ticket/s are found, follow the same for Member accounts

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