This feature is optional and will allow the organiser to group selected ticket types, and set a combined group capacity for them. 

To create a Ticket Group, open the event you are working on and go to the Edit Event tab. 

Scroll down to the Ticket Type Section and click on the Add Ticket Group button

On the 'Add Ticket Group' page, 

    1. Create the Group Name

    2. Select the ticket types you would like to include in this group

    3. Set the Max Ticket Count.  This will be the combined total number of tickets you would like to sell for all tickets in this group.

    (eg: An organiser would like to sell a maximum of 5 tickets combined for the Single and VIP ticket types, with a maximum of 2 VIP tickets to be sold as part of the total 5. The group capacity would be set to 5 and the individual ticket type capacity for the VIP ticket would be set to 2).

Once done, click on the Save Changes button.

Once live, the platform will not allow you to set individual ticket type capacities higher than any group capacity that it is grouped within.


- These settings will not appear on the event page.

- These settings do not override the Min and Max quantities per order settings for each Ticket Type

- Ticket purchasers can still buy individual Ticket Types

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