Event Protect is an optional add-on that provides coverage for the gross ticket sale loss arising from the cancellation, disruption or rescheduling of an event as a result of circumstances outside of the organiser’s control. If the organiser enables this for a particular event, a small fee will be added in the ticket price which they can choose to either absorb or pass on to the ticket purchasers.


  • The Event Protect Fee will be in addition to the booking fee
  • Once a ticket has been sold for the event, Event Protect can no longer be added or removed.
  • Once the event is set to Live, Event Protect can no longer be enabled.

To enable this feature:

  1. Create the event for which you'd like to apply Event Protect and go to the Edit Event tab
  2. Scroll to the Ticket Insurance section, then click Add Ticket Insurance

3. On the Ticket Insurance page, check the box that says Enable Event Protect (see image below). Three (3) fields will appear and will be required for the organiser to provide. Once filled in, click on the Save Changes button

4. Once you fill out the rest of the event details and make the event Live, you will see the Event Protect logo in the summary tab (see image below)



5. Please note that you will not be able to remove Event Protect once you have sold at least one ticket for the event


6. In the Summary tab, you will see the amount that Event Protect covers and the total Event Protect fees collected.


In the event that your event needs to be cancelled and you wish to claim your Event Protect, simply click the Claim Event Protect button in the Summary tab and fill out the Claim Event Protect page.

Once you submit your request to claim to Event Protect, you will be given a reference number and your event status will change to Insurance Pending


At this point, the organiser will not be able to make any changes to the event and ticket sales will be closed.


  • If the Payment Request Feature is applied to the account and was used for the same event with the Event Protect claim, the organiser will need to return the amount initially withdrawn

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