If you're holding an online event and you want to send a streaming link to all guests that book online, please refer to the 3 options below;

Option 1: Add the link in the Special Instruction field. This will be the best option to choose if you want to automatically send the streaming link and instructions right after someone has book to attend your event. The message you add in the Special Instructions field will be included in the confirmation email and e-ticket that will be sent to the purchasers. 

Option 2: You can send the links or invites to your guests through email or SMS. To do this

  • Login to your account and got to Notify Purchasers tab of your event
  • Click the Create button in the upper right corner and choose to either send the notification as an email or SMS. Note that this feature has a small fee that can be billed to your event or you can top-up your account.
  • Select your desired guests and draft your message so that includes your streaming link.
  • Once ready, you can send this notification to your guests.

Option 3: You can also choose to send the invites or links to your guests outside Sticky Tickets. You can download a report listing all your guest's names and contact information. Accessing the reports is free and can be viewed before or even after the event. Please note that the contact numbers will be available if and when you ask this during the booking process. You can check your Event Questions tab to confirm. To generate a report listing your guest's names and contact information:

  • Login to your account and access the Reports tab of your event (you can also click the Reports link in the Summary tab)
  • You can use the Sales, address, and tickets report that lists the names and contact information of your guests.

If you have any questions about this or anything else, please contact us at support and we'd be happy to assist.

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