If you are a club or a membership organisation this integration will provide you with the ability to upload all your members details (member id, first name, last name, email and tier level) This in turn will provide you with the ability to offer your members a discount to tickets they buy based on their membership tier.

To enable this:

1. Login to your account and go to Organiser Settings tab > Integration tab

2. Scroll to the bottom and click the Setup Integration button for Membership Upload

3. In the Membership page, Enter the name of the Membership name you want to use.

4. Create a CSV file listing all your members and their details. You can download the template available on this page to ensure you have the correct file format. Its important that the headings are identical to the headings in the sample file.

5. Once you have the file ready, click the Upload Members File button to upload the file. If the upload is successful, you will see the details on the screen. Once you're happy with the uploaded file, click the Save and Enable button. Your Membership Integration will show as Enabled. To delete or update the file click the Edit button.

Important note:

- Uploading a new file will override the existing file in the system.   

- When adding new or removing members, update the list of the original file, then upload the updated data.

- File headings must be identical and in the same order as in the sample file provided.

Now that members have been added and the integration is enabled, you can now assign discounts to your member tiers. You can set membership discounts according to their tier level. 

To do this:

1. Go to My Events tab and open the event you want to set up membership discounts

2. In the Edit Event tab, scroll to the Member Tier section

3. In the Set Up Member Tiers page. you can set the discount you wish to allocate on each member tier level for each ticket type. 

    - You can set whether to enable not the discount for each ticket type. 

    - You can choose to set the discount as a Percentage or Dollar amount. 

    - You can limit the number of tickets that can be purchased at a discount per tier.

5. Once you complete the settings, scroll down to the bottom and click the Save Changes button.

6. When members book their tickets for your event, they should enter their Member ID and their Last Name, non-members can book their tickets as normal. 


If you would like to set up a ticket type that is hidden to the general public, but then revealed to members upon entry of their member details…

1. Hide the ticket type at the individual ticket type settings.

2. In the ‘Member tiers’ settings, enable the ticket type for the appropriate member tiers, set appropriate discount / quantity settings and click on ‘Save Changes’.

If you have any further questions about this topic, please don't hesitate to contact us and we'd be more than happy to assist.