If your organisation uses eBET to manage your members' details, then you can integrate eBET with your Sticky Tickets account and offer discounts to your members based on the tier level of their membership. This feature is controllable per event and you can select which event you would like to offer discounts to.

To give us access to your members and get your eBET API details, please download and fill out the form at the bottom of this page and submit it to your eBET representative.

How to set up eBET Integration?

1. First, get your eBET API details from your eBET representative. You will be needing the following:

- API Connection URL

- Shared Key

- Vendor Code

- Device Code

2. Once you have all the details, log in to your organisers account. On the left panel, click on the "Organiser Settings", and click on "Integrations"

3. On the Integration page, scroll down to Membership Integrations and click the Setup Integration button for eBET.

4. On the eBET integration page, fill in all the fields and click the "Save and Enable" button.

5. After Setting up eBET integration, we can now set the Member Tier Discounts in an event. To do this go to "Edit Event" and click on the "Member Tiers" section.

6. The Member Tiers setup page will open. eBET levels are pre-defined from 0 to 6 and in each level, we can set up its discount, discount type, and ticket limit per member.


If we place a 50% discount for level 2 members for the General Admission ticket and allowing them to only buy 3 tickets.

On the Buy Tickets page, the Member ID and Last Name fields are displayed where a member can verify his/her membership details.

When a member successfully verifies their membership details the discount will be applied to the ticket. There will be two General Admission tickets, one for non-discounted and another for the 50% discount that is limited to 3 per member.

Please Contact Us at support if you have any questions about this, or anything else. We'd be happy to help.